Four guiding principles for the formulation of an effective strategy:

1, Set targets. You can’t hit any target that doesn’t exist. Do not move your targets. Keep them stable and consistent. Any moving target is far harder to hit than any stable one.

2, Adapt. Any and all relevant new information and/or technology needs to be recognised, acknowledged, and (as much as feasible/practical) incorporated into any plans. The future is an inevitability, to resist it is foolish and futile.

3, Take reasonable/calculated risks. Before you can ‘succeed’, you must first put yourself in a position where you can fail. You can’t ‘win’ anything without placing yourself in a position where you can lose. The greatest ‘wins’ we have are always after we have confronted considerable challenge, not after we have completed an easy task. ‘Calm sea made not the hero captain.

4, Stay focused and determined. Success is not born of how good you want to be, it comes from how much you want to be that good. It is dependent on the level on which you think, not the level on which you work, and if you're not getting the results that you want to get, you're not doing the things that you need to do.


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