I’ve bought a shedload of guitar in my time and a lot of them were online from ebay and some from Facebook selling groups where you basically have to trust the seller goodwill and integrity, that’s gone tits up a couple of times, but for the most part people are trustworthy

We have to trust not only in the guitar arriving in tact but that it’s playable, unmodified or modified well and all the moving parts and electronics are sound, along with the structural integrity of the rest.

Just because you played branded model in a shop doesn’t mean the guitar you buy, of the exact same model, will feel or even sound like the one you tired.

Just because guitar cost a lot doesn’t mean they are good builds, I’ve had awesome cheap guitars and horrible expensive ones of reputable brand.

You should try before you buy because ;

1.       What your paying for, may not be what your receiving, if anything at all, safer to meet face to face if not ebay/paypal all the way.

2.       The Chibson Les Paul  may well be a fake.

3.       The neck may be warped and truss rod broken , you can see this in a photo

4.       The pots may need changing and crackle and switching or jack too, not a fortune but its not a bargain if you’ve got to spend more.

5.       Some well know brands change their parts and you may not like the trem change , I had this on the RGT Ibanez model , awful edge pro trems are not as nice as the lo pro

6.       The guitar may be a duff one off the line , even Suhr guitars have the odd naffer getting through quality control into the shops

7.       Bad setups can be sorted out but if you need a fret level because of chocking notes of buzzing this will cost you a few quid

8.       It may not stay in tune, there are a lot of guitars that just don’t seem to hold their tune, this is bad trems, wrong springs, knife edge worn, faulty setups , cheap components and other issues.

9.       You might not like how it sounds – pickups are an acquired taste , you need to hear a guitar

10.    If you doing mail you may get a broke guitar and a seller who’s not interested


8 rules to abide by (tho I’ve broke them all)

1 If its ebay check feedback rating always , (seller ones not buyer)

2 Pay via papal and not as gift/friend , not worth the risk saving a few quid

3 Get it insured post, £20 can save you a lot of grief

4 If its facebook check how long the profiles been active and their friend list

5 Talk on the phone with whoever your buying it off, you can sometimes feel out somone by their phone manner

6 If in doubt don’t risk it

7 Ask all the right questions, have a checklist before you call

8 Sleep on it , don’t panic buy


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