Do you get bored with your own playing?

Stuck in a rut and box to get out the proverbial box?

I hear that a lot and get it a lot myself, we get tired of the same old keys and shapes even the style we play in. It’s natural to get like that, maybe you need a break.

Even when mixing down that awesome tune you wrote you can get that feeling that after editing it for the un-teenth time you grow tired of it and get ear fatigue.

I like to have a few tunes on the go so I can flip on them every once in a while.


8 tips to re-vitalize the guitar thing

1 Try learning a new style, making music in another style can either make you appreciate the style you came from or open a new door into new realms of musical potential.

2. Play more with time, writing and playing if off time like 5/5 7/8 / 10/8 is something we should all experiment with, this is a most satisfying experiment.

3. Tip the scales to you favour, there are a shed load of un-tapped melodic pathways we haven’t even discovered, check out some exotic scales and learn the harmony too not just the pattern.

4. Don’t limit yourself, but no, actually do limit yourself to playing only partial parts of scales you know in certain areas of the neck or only on one string, this will certainly improve your phrasing muscle.

5. Find the key to success, well just find another key rather than E, A D C and G, play in C# or Bb and learn this new area of sound.

6. Stay in tune with the vibrations, well actually re-tune to another tuning on your guitar and experiment.

7. Inspector gadget – find toys to play with on guitar, and ebow, slide, electric drill or play your phone through the pickups, invent something new to use.

8. Lie and steal stuff, learn to re-arrange stuff you like, change the key, time, melody a bit by lengthening and shortening notes, use different chords and call it your own masterpiece.




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