Joe Satriani is often hailed an the pioneer of instrumental metal/rock guitar and wizard of guitar noises like “lizard down the throat” and the rising bar screaming harmonics .






The fact Joe, AKA Satch, was the one who taught many of the rising stars of the modern guitar world, like the formidable Steve Vai for example, is testament to him being a spearhead in the genre he is acclaimed to have almost invented.


Satch is my personal favourite guitarist of all time tho I don’t always like all his releases. He is epic live and has adopted a style where he mixes futuristic bubbly fast legato with more tradition push pull blues playing.

This fusion and the use of effects and the wah pedal gave Satch this blisteringly fast smooth lead sound and I love it.

Not the most technical

Don’t get me wrong I know Joe isn’t the most technical advanced player in the world, It’s not all about speed with Joe , his phrasing, feel and vibrato is some of the tastiest ever and the use of modal interchange and pitch axis theory made joe a really new vibe on the scene back in the early 90’s.

Jimi Hendrix

Joe’s affiliation with one of my other favourite guitarist Jimi Hendrix can be heard in his playing.

In 1969 Joe quit football team and picked up a guitar when He heard Jimi Hendrix had died and the rest ins history.


Surfing with the alien was the first Satch record I heard and I wasn’t actually a guitar player at the time. The otherworldliness he created in his tracks was magical and this album still stands the test of time .


If you wanted to search out some great live footage of  Joe I would recommend Live in San Francisco (link)  and any of the G3 concerts. (link)

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