Jarred Jackson kindly sent me over a copy of his book and I want to share my thoughts with you .


Firstly the book is a great foundation studies book and fantastic teaching reference,  it definitely has all the meat and potatoes of guitar chords lead and theory that any good guitar tutor teaches their students.

The GMA book is 64 pages packed with all the right information and no clutter of gimmicks, just good  sound foundational teaching


The book comes with links to soundcloud audio and a handy and useful reference section ant the end. 


If you’d like to connect with the author Jarred Jackson check him out at there links below

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 On the web http://guitarmagicapplied.com/







Chapter 1 – A collection of simple techniques and an overview of dexterity building concepts- Power chords – Open chords


Chapter 2 – Time signatures note values and an introduction to chord charts.


Chapter 3 - Trill exercises. More open chords. Basic open chord chart.


Chapter 4 – Major scale formula. Harmonised major scale.


Chapter 5 – Minor scale formula. Pentatonic scale formula. Seventh chords.


Chapter 6 – Technique overview. Improvisation. Bending and vibrato.


Chapter 7 – Combining barre chords with open position chords.


Chapter 8 – key signatures. Fretboard diagram. Intro to scale patterns


Chapter 9 – Scale patterns continued. Open and mobile seventh chords.


Chapter 10 Major/minor pentatonic scales. Licks. Modes explained.


Chapter 11 – Mode examples the span the fretboard.


Chapter 12 – 12 Bar blues, 8 bar blues, minor blues. Examples of each.


Chapter 13 Review



I can certainly recommend this book to all those who are starting out and want an easy reference plus clear incremental learning guide to all this guitar stuff that we need to know, also to those who know some bits but want a book to keep their theory and scale/chord, and basic musical gears oiled.

Get the book today and get your music freak on


 On the web http://guitarmagicapplied.com/


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