BOO Instruments are makers of fine hand made boutique guitar effects and other musical instrument pedals based in England.

All of their products are hand made in house to the highest quality standards and feature a distinctive robust look.


High Specs

All pedals are made with high quality noise free components and feature true bypass so no tone sucking here .


Great look

Apart from the robust quality and excellent sound, boo pedals look great with the deep engraved logo and pedal name. Plus groovy lights that glow in the dark that would make any pedal board look awesome with a whole row of these shiny silver beauties glowing on them .


The Talent Booster

First I’ll review the Boo Talent Booster that I own and we can look at some of the other pedals boo Instruments make so well.  


The TB is a transparent boost , I wanted a clean, non colour boost to raise the levels of any sound I was using on my board. The Talent Booster does exactly what is says on the tin , boosting up to a whopping 28db and pushing the levels up for solo time to cut through the band mix and/or drive that valve amp hot.

Frequency spectrum is flat from 30hz to 20khz. Specifications: -Dimensions: 112x61x50mm -Weight: 220g (+-10g) -Current draw: <20mA (standard) or <40mA(light up lid version) -Power required: DC9V RAAD Power (center negative polarity) 



Apart from the really plush engraving on the hood pedal, there is a green glow that comes from the transparent edging on the bottom of the pedal.  



I got the power

There is a battery clip inside the pedal  or it runs on ordinary 9v pedal power.

This boost differs from their older standard boo boost in that you can run the groovy lights on a 9vbattery. 



Mosfet transistor Panasonic capacitors, precision metal film resistors 


Using the Boost

Can’t say much apart from it is very quiet and there is not big loud clicks when switching the pedal on and off, just a smooth boost in level.

The rotary knob adjust the amount of boost, simple as that. 



The only really complaint is the talent boost section didn’t work on me , I was still

crap after I switched it on just louder .


Why buy this instead of another boost like a Mxr micro amp ?

1 hand made in the uk
2 clean uncoloured  28db boost

3 assured quality components
4 groovy lights
5 great customer support direct from the maker

6 very competitively priced

7 boosts talent (allegedly) 


DEMO -Couldn't find a demo online so I did a quick one myself







This effect pedal produces a fat creamy tone suitable for a variety of genres. Fantastic for blues and rock, produces classic and tested sounds but with some useful improvements. Based on a legendary circuit of TS808 but with the BOOtique modifications, this compact pedal emulates the tones of a tube like overdrive/distortion. The BOOtiques improvements over the standard TS are that the BOO O/D has: -Less gain at minimum setting -More gain at maximum setting -Better low FQ (bass) response -Flatter overall FQ response (less mid hump) -Slightly different Tone FQ control The controls allow you to dial in a variation of tones to suit almost any style of playing. The Drive knob allows you to dial in sounds from a very gentle tube like overdrive / crunch to a fully fat distortion. Tone knob will let you cut out the treble to get more warmth and the Volume/Level control will allow you to adjust the level of your effect so that you don't lose any perceived loudness of your signal when the effect is engaged. A truly classic pedal but with true bypass so it doesn't degrade your tone when not in use.








Modeled on the classic phaser circuits such as the famous Boss PH-1r circuit but with some boutique improvements. -Top components used throughout -Metal Film resistors -Panasonic coupling capacitors -Audiophile potentiometers -Quality True Bypass Switch (no change in tone when the effect is not in use. What goes in comes out) -3 knobs for multitude of settings -All discrete circuitry -  




Chorus CE-2 



Take a Chorus out of the most desirable chorus amplifier ever made, ie the Jazz Chorus JC-160 (or JC-120) and put it into a stomp box! And what you get is the Boo Instruments Chorus CE-2. We added a touch of Boo to it by improving the components to use the best quality brands and give you an audiophile quality sound in your guitar pedal with the benefit of true bypass! This hugely complex circuit has been constructed with top quality metal film resistors, original Panasonic chips to give you the most lush chorus sound you can imagine. It also features special custom made quality potentiometers specifically designed by Boo Instruments to the highest audiophile standards. The result is an ultra quiet, most lush authentic analog boutique chorus available anywhere. All other circuitry is discrete.







This Digital Delay effect pedal has much of the same genes as our other guitar effect pedals. Hand made right here in England with love. The delay portion of the signal is digital however the direct signal is still analogue and unprocessed so you stay with the best tone throughout the effect pedal chain. The knob 'Mix' allows you to mix the analogue signal with the delayed one. Of course you can still bypass the whole unit completely with the flick of the True Bypass switch. The Time knob adjusts the spacings between the delay pongs. It ranges from a very short slap back delay (from 35ms) which could be cool to create a 'room type' sound or 'rockabilly slap back' like in the vintage days, or you can dial it out to get longer delay times (up to 700ms) to give you more grand width. The Feedback pot will make adjustments from a single repeat to indefinite repeats. You can then create some very cool effects messing with feedback and time knobs to stretch the sound and get all sort of weird types of noises. The whole circuitry is of the discrete type using the best components. (of course the digital processor is a chip).  





Our Tremolo Pedal will be a great addition to your effect pedal board for guitar, bass, rhodes or other musical instrument. This Tremolo Pedal has an amazingly warm tone. The controls allow the user to dial in a large variety of settings from a mild swell to a very choppy tremolo. Great for bringing in some 'vintage' vibes into your tone. Or can be used as a very cool effect together with distortion. All discrete circuitry. Features another high quality Mosfet pre-amp, similar to our boost pedal. Preamp volume is adjustable from mute to a gain of 20+ db so you can set your effect level accurately! Use your tremolo without volume loss!  


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