After trying out these picks for the very fist time, I found them to be very ergonomic and produce a really great feel and fantastic tone.

The picks glide through strings and have a very smooth attack, which I found great when mixed with legato playing, eliminating that annoying chirpy pick noise when distortion was used. 

I found the hawk picks to be very dynamic; they were capable of very soft gentle playing much better than most picks. 

The more pointy picks had more attack but where still smooth in feel along the strings and are great for fast playing and the custom bevel  (right bevel for me) made a different in the feel and attack on the string. 

These picks are not cheap but are cheaper than their competitors over the pond (red bear) You get what you pay for and definitely feel you have something special under your fingers.

Great quality texture when you play them, they look fantastic and are made extremely well.

I've tried Red Bear picks and these are as good in quality , feel , tone and playability , I guess due to the fact they are the same animal based protein that mimics tortoise shell






TB1 Tortoise shell                         Simon Brady Signature




 TB2 Tortoise shell                                    TB1 Ivory  



 TB3 Tortoise shell                              TB4 Ivory  





TB4 Tortoise shell                         Rabea Massaad Signature 



Hawk Picks is a new and exciting company that hand makes beautiful guitar and mandolin picks.


Hawk Picks don’t use ordinary plastic but old world magic, a material that produces a lovely warm organic tone that is very similar to real tortoise shell but without harming any wildlife.

Hawk Picks are based North West of England, and have a small artisan team who lovingly hand make their picks.

They offer familiar shapes and gauges but we also create custom bevels to enhance the playing experience and help increase playing speed and accuracy. 

The material is low friction and has a natural grip, adding to the playability.  

Currently they make picks emulating tortoise shell and ivory material. 


In addition to the standard range Hawk have two signature picks; 


1. The Rabea Massaad signature pick – ace player with Dorje and founder of Musicisum  

2. The Simon Brady signature mandolin pick. Simon is an amazing multi instrumentalist. 

Both players are at the top of their game, they love Hawk picks so much they wanted one for themselves.

 Hawk picks are high end, unique to the UK and offer better value for money than the more established brands. The material is the same as used by other bespoke manufacturers (eg. Red Bear, John Pearse). 

Custom Bevels 

Hawn Picks offer three types of bevel - standard, right and left. 

The bevel is replicated on both sides so it doesn't matter which way the pick is held you will always have the same direction of bevel.  

Right Bevel 

The right bevel suits players who angle their pick forward - so the face of the pick is pointing towards the headstock.

It helps with minimising contact/friction with the string so allowing faster playing/response it mimics the natural wear you get if that's your playing style.

It still works really well though if you play flat onto the strings or anything in between, so doesn't limit you to playing in any particular way.


Left Bevel 

The left bevel is really for lefties as the majority (in my experience) of players either play flat onto the strings/or angled towards the headstock.

The left bevel does the same job as the right, but if you play leftie and angle your pick towards the headstock it will work in the same way as above.

In addition there are some right handed players who angle their pick backwards and so it would also work well for them. 

Standard Bevel 

Some players just prefer a standard bevel. 

Bevels can reduce the string friction for faster playing  and also reduce pick click - particularly important for recording. The SB pick has a very shallow bevel on its main edge for mando playing as that reduces any noise and friction. 

At this time hawk Picks offer two bevel sizes , heavy which is 1.6mm and medium which is 1.2 mm. On the website 2mm picks will also be offered very soon

Please take a look at the website



 TB5 Tortoise  



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