Got hold of a pack of these picks , the Pro J (j for jazz) come in packs of 10 at a very reasonalble price.

These are just one of a host of quality picks the japanese company http://www.osiamo.com make.

We all know the reputation the japanese have for quality and these are no exeption

These picks are comfortable and glide into the strings very well yet have enough attack to hear the pick strikes, they are nice and thick for a great warm tone.

The material is warn and they feel more expensive than they cost

Here is the company line on the picks below

Pickboy Pro Pick J-Pick

Pickboy picks are the finest made picks in the world. Each pick is designed to deliver optimum tone, response, and feel to bring your musical expression to new heights.

In the Jazz Pos A Grip, we combine cellulose with our smaller jazz size and add our Pos A Grip to the pick.

Celluloid is the material that most players prefer and most sounds like real tortoise shell. Picks made from this material have warm tone and respond well. Model
Black Cellulose
Qty in Refill
10 picks

 Here is another one of the several jazz range

This one remenisent of tortoise shell (not that ive played with a tortoise shell)


Here's the bundle I will be looking at in the next few weeks , there are some really nice picks in this bunch

Available in the uk and elsewhere just google pickboy picks


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