I have tested the ictrl over the last week and found it to be a very useful and ultra handy mini mid/usc control device for my axe fx2



The ictrl compact and pocket sized and is usefull for all midi equipment and suits both amp software and hardware



The fact that the ictrl is so small and easy to use makes it a great desktop companion and/or floor unit power by a regular usb power like a camera or phone. This is a welcome substitute for my huge and very heavy fc300 floor controller



There are a range of customisable firmware download which are very simple to load. These cater for the varied midi cc numbers that control our different devices.


 There are 4 modes as follows.



Mode 1 The bank change mode


With the 2 layered pedal switch system I can scoll up to 8 bank changes with the 4 pedal. Great and useful for …you guessed it , changing patches



Mode 2 The cc mode


This mode has 8 different saveable banks that are linked to each of the bank change buttons.


 By saving these configurations I can have the different effects on and off that are in my axe fx (or software) amp sim.


 I can easily see which effects are on and change the effects each time I enter from a different bank



Mode 3 The expression pedal calibrate mode

 You can hook an expression pedal up to the ictrl and use it to control any effects you want/


There is also a v-slider which is a virtual potentiometer and can also control anything in your rack or software.


Mode 4 The customised axe fx mode

 This mode change the 8 scenes in the axe fx2 but you can ask for anything in this mode. I tried one with another 8 banks making it 16 banks of patch change control and another with my looper settings.



Mode 5 The looper mode


This is also dedicated to the axe fx and has 3 latching switches and a momentry switch on button 2 for  the undo.


I have looper on and off on switch 1 ,undo on switch 2, record and autoplay on switch 3 and overdub on switch 4.


You can move from any mode from looper so you can enter cc mode and switch on and off effects (see video)



 This little box is very reasonably priced and is definitely a useful addition, remembering you can use it for all sort of midi gaer, daw, amps, and any effect with midi input.






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