Suibhne Guitar Picks

I got a nice little sample pack of picks all the way from the land of Canada, slightly still smelling of maple and Mounties, I opened up the envelope to find some rather nice little gifts, then I wasted no time in trying the little buggers out and I was very pleased with the results.

Suibhne who ? 

Suibhne (pronounced Sweeny) guitars and repair, run by Mark Sweeney, started life as a hobby outfit but grew into a well-established and award winning company based in South Ohio , Nova Scotia.

Apart from the luthier work mark is so well known for locally, he also has a line of boutique and creative guitar picks that definately both stand out visually and work to create a smooth ride on the guitar string, in the most delightfully tone-full way possible.

You can connect with Marks company on facebook

and at the website


Iv'e got wood

The woods Mark uses are Ebony, Pale moon ebony, Rosewood, Bocote, Nogal, Ipe, Padauk, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Curly Maple, Hickory, Pau Ferro, Zebrawood, Mahogany, Cherry.


Size does matter

The thicker pick mark makes has a great feel and bevel and make picking so much easier, with much less work to put into the picking movement.

The smaller jazz III sized picks also have a really great ergonomic feel, attack and lovely tone but don’t quite have the magical no energy picking stream the thicker ones have.

Natural or un-natural 

The woods all have a slightly different feel and initial attack but for the personally I found home on the the Acrylic one, this one stands out as ultra smooth.

I first used it for a couple of minutes and it did feel a bit weird, but them it settled into my hands and booom , hyper speed and sweep picking was so easy with no resistance and no effort.

And The Winner 

Prize goes to the semi invisible pick made of Acylic 


For me this pick is the star of the show for pure smoothness and warmth


Best of both worlds

Mark does however do hybrids that are wood and acrylic with the of both worlds in one pick


And these little gems 


You shouldn't have made it this far down the page without rushing over to their website and buying some of these badass picks,  but if you did you area well tempered soul worthy of applause - but however self controlled i'm sure you are I know you'll be wanted these links

and at the website




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