Seth Rosenbloom lesson website
I just had a look at the lesson content or Seths website and for a moderate subscription you can access great licks from the modern blues pack and tons more stuff too.

The package alone consists of 15 tasty blues licks.


The licks are very much intermediate level and kind of reminiscent of Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson and other modern blues players of this calibre.

There are many techniques employed such as, odd note grouping, hybrid picking, sequencing, bends, slides, interval jumps and vibrato to give these great licks character and feel which Seth is very much known for.

As well as the Modern blues Pack , Seth has new licks , techniques , improvising, tone and members can request content to learn plus new content will be added weekly (every Wednesday) so subscribers will get new lessons on a very consistent basis!!.

Check out the website for the free lick to learn and Seth says this;

Playing guitar takes time, dedication, and practice. Every player goes through different struggles in achieving their goals. My lesson website is dedicated to you as a player. My primary goal is to help you accomplish what you want on the guitar whether it be expanding your vocabulary or improving your tone, improvisation, or technique. All lesson videos and materials are designed with care and to optimize your learning experience. Using these videos and the individualized feedback I provide on videos you submit, your guitar playing will improve for a fraction of the cost of in-person private lessons.


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