Review of Lick Libraries 51 hybrid picking licks you must learn
Stuart Bull has just released this DVD and it is packed with useful licks that are played using both the pick and the fingers which is called hybrid picking .

There are many sequences and licks that are very much focused on a rock, blues, country vibe and some fusion too.


Stuart incorporates some clever traversing through minor and major blues scales, adding chromatics, arpeggios and some nice diminished
lines in there too.

Its hard to really give a defined difficulty level as I've been playing a few years and there's some tricks I personally want to learn from it.
Its definitely great for advancing entry level lead guitarists to get some high def chops under their fingers, but also there is alot of intermediate level tricks they will take a while to master.

The technique of hammer'ons and pull off's is a large part of this DVD , plus many other tricks like open strings , layovers and repeating figures are also incorporated in the 51 licks .

Stuart has a good teaching personality and makes it easy to learn from his licks, there is also a hybrid picking analysis section on the DVD, teaching how master the technique.

Unusually for lick library there is now PDF tab on both this and their more recent titles thanks to their transcriber Levi Clay.

There is a great improvised solo too, incorporating plenty of the licks to show how they can all fit together.

I recommend this to advancing beginners to intermediate players who want to add some spice into there pentatonics , Stuart uses alot of different notes apart from the minor pentatonic so its great for building the licks arsenal


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