Marcos De Ros is a great guitarist and accomplished composer from Brazil. In fact he is one of Brazil's top players and he has his own Signature Guitar, from C Peruzzo guitars. Marcos lalso has a Signature distortion pedal from Wavebox. An sought after teacher and clinician, Marcos has also worked with Chops from Hell, to release a number of instructionals.

Marcos recently released a dual CD and DVD package, entitled Pièces de Résistence, which features tracks which fuse elements of shred, classical music and Brazilian Rhythms such as Choro, Milonga, Samba and Baiao.


Bumblebee XX1 (Fast Picking)

 Marcos has a release which is what I’m going to focus on here, it is an instruction step by step lesson download on how to play the operatic interlude Flight Of The Bumblebee written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1899

 In this download there are these files, 2x PDF, 5 X backing tracks, a full track played by Marcos and the instruction video.


The full track is pretty full on distorted shred that is played to perfection, well mixed and a great tune.

 PDF 1 has the exercises in loops for practicing and PDF 2 is the transcription in full.

 The 5 backing tracks are provided for speed building practice purposes and increase from 120 to a whopping 200bpm.


The actual video is a quick performance without backing and a full note for note tutorial of the track in full with extra exercises and tips.

The video is well explained and in full Hd quality.

The release was originally in Spanish but Marcos speaks good English and he has re-released this again for the English speaking audience.

 I would recommend this for anyone wanting to learn this fast picking style track and get it under their fingers. It’s a staple for shredders and will test even the most advancing players, yet has enough for even the most basic to enjoy and learn from.

 Purchase it here:



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