The Site  

This package is available on which is a very high quality website by David Wallimann. The site is jam packed with fantastic lessons, great backing tracks and tons of cool stuff for the guitar enthusiast to dig into. 

(10 free backing tracks are available on the front page)


The Author 

30 Rising Rock Licks is by the very talented Vladamire Shevyakov . 



Vladimir was born in Stavropol city, Russia. At the age of 13-14 he became interested in guitar and during this period, he began taking classical guitar lessons at music school.   


A little later he got himself an electric guitar and with it, came the first influences such as Metallica, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden.  


After a lot of practice he created his first band then later began to discover new sides of music, new styles such as progressive rock and metal, instrumental rock. With these came new influences such as Rush, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Steve Vai. 


Next he began to open himself up to new territory in fusion music, and some new artists such as Frank Gambale, Greg Howe, Al Di Meola, Scott Henderson. This gave a new push to practice, try to become a better musician.


Now Vladimir lives in Moscow and working as a session musician with various artists. As well as working on his own material, planning to soon release his first solo album.




The Review 

There are 30 exiting licks in this download to learn and separated into 3 separate genres. 

These genres included are modern rock, melodic rock and shuffle rock, having these separate genres is an awesome idea and gives you great value for money and more types of licks to learn in, all one pack.


The fact that there are 30 licks also makes this great value as most packs seem to be a 20 licks set-up for the same price so we get 10 extra in this one.


This stands tall along other licks and technique downloads on the market and there are a myriad of techniques shown to us including legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, slides, tapping and all played with excellent precision. 


Vladimir mixes up the time feels with 16 and 16th note triplets to make the licks really very useful, dynamic and exiting to learn


The Licks are intermediate and advanced so there is always something fresh and challenging to learn from in this download. 



The package is well put together with great clear HD quality video and professional audio and shooting angle. 

The licks are played fast and slow to make easy learning plus the tab and backing is provided. 


The Tab

 The Tablature comes in 2 formats, PDF and Guitar Pro files. This makes a fresh change and if you have Guitar Pro you can hear, slow down, edit and loop parts of the licks for easier learning. 

The tablature for all licks is very clear and easy to follow, also provided is the picking directions.  

The picking directions included is fantastic as some lick download packages omit these important aspects and you have to experiment and to choose the picking method.  

Not having these can make choosing the right ways to pick a lick difficult and time consuming but not with this one it’s all written there for you to follow.


The Backing Tracks 

Provided with this download are 3 high quality mp3 backing tracks for the licks and these 3 tracks correspond to the 3 genres of the lick package .



This download is fantastic and will take you to the next level in modern guitar playing techniques. I recommend it to intermediate players and can guarantee this will not disappoint in floating your rock boat


Here is a sample of another lick in the 30 rising licks download 






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