Stephane Lucarelli

 Location: Marseille - France
Date of Birth:
June 29, 1977
Been playing guitar since:

I started playing guitar fairly late, around 1996. Like many others,
Jimi Hendrix
was a huge inspiration to me and I began with jamming to his songs and old blues records.

In fact I love a lot of musical stuff and I always feel so much excitement when listening to an old
Lightnin' Hopkins blues, a Scott Henderson improvisation, or a Jaco Pastorius
groove !

There are so many interesting things in each musical style.

Playing and Influences

So many influences, but to name a few :

Herbie Hancock - Jimi Hendrix - Miles Davis -
Led Zep - Jaco Pastorius - Scott Henderson -
James Brown - Me'Shell NdeGeoCello - Jeff Beck -
John Coltrane - Robben Ford ...




10 Mike Stern Licks


The package includes tab pdf, a backing track and 10 HD quality video’s of Stephane playing the licks both fast and slow for easy learning.

 The tabs include full and well detailed explanations for the devices used in the licks. The devices include chromaticism/passing tones, triads, arpeggio embellishments and others

 Also there are full neck scale diagrams useful for the changes in the fusion based backing track provided.

 I think this is a great package and moves through levels of playing from intermediate and advanced levels. Full of outside concepts that can be taken on-board as improvising tools.

 Beginners in lead playing will find this useful and take their playing to a higher level of musicality.

 So again this is a great download package to add that fusion and outside vibe to your lines and I highly recommend this download for the extremely reasonable $7.90 price tag.

 Buy here -




25 Diminished Licks


 This is along the same lines as the previous package although not player specific it shows a methodical way to approach the diminished scales many possibilities.

 The packaged includes 25 video’s playing slow and at full speed, in full HD

 There are 2 backing tracks in this package as well as full scale diagrams, detailed descriptions and clear tablature with notation. There is also an extra tab file with just tab and no descriptions.



This is definitely a recommendation to anyone who wants to get to know the diminished scale in a lick based way , but also the packs licks add a huge potential for the devices, taught in the descriptions, to be used for improvising, like sequences, arpeggios, triads.

 These possibilities can be stared as improve tools for a more sophisticated manner of playing over dominant 7th situations.

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 Sample Lick

 Tab -



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