The Whole Tone Scale for 6,7 and 8 String Guitars by Dave Thompson




Although I am not a 7 or 8 string player I found this book very useful and most of the tabbed licks are 6 string implemented. (Obviously the symmetrical nature of the scale and provided 7 and 8 string diagrams leave it to the imaginative to work out the rest)




This really is a fantastic E-book if your interested in exotic sounds, improvising over V7 chord vamps or iiV I , and learning the “ins and outs” of the whole tone scale system with it’s chords and shapes.




Dave has really gone into this great depth with theory and in showing the reader the whole tone scales usefulness in today’s music.




The book has theory, insights, full fretboard diagrams, licks and tab plus recommendations of using different techniques like sweep picking and arranging the scale to suit these techniques.




There is far more than a few months’ worth of intense whole tone study right here and this book makes a very handy reference source too




31 pages long,


Chapter 1 Fretboard diagrams and scale pattern


Chapter 2 Improvising using the whole tone scale (3 sections)


Chapter 3 Harmonizing the whole tone scale (2 sections)


Chapter 4 Improvisational constructs licks and techniques


Finally Recommendations




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