Stephane Lucarelli

 Location: Marseille - France
Date of Birth:
June 29, 1977
Been playing guitar since:

I started playing guitar fairly late, around 1996. Like many others,
Jimi Hendrix
was a huge inspiration to me and I began with jamming to his songs and old blues records.

In fact I love a lot of musical stuff and I always feel so much excitement when listening to an old
Lightnin' Hopkins blues, a Scott Henderson improvisation, or a Jaco Pastorius
groove !

There are so many interesting things in each musical style.

Playing and Influences

So many influences, but to name a few :

Herbie Hancock - Jimi Hendrix - Miles Davis -
Led Zep - Jaco Pastorius - Scott Henderson -
James Brown - Me'Shell NdeGeoCello - Jeff Beck -
John Coltrane - Robben Ford ...





20 Lydian Dominant Licks

20 Lydian dominant licks is a fantastic addition to Stephanes collection of licks download lessons.

It is very reasonably priced and quite unique as ive not seen to many other licks lessons focused on this mode.

If your not familiar with it then it's a must have for you, Lydian dominant is the 4th mode of the eerie melodic minor scale and offers a jazzy inflection over any dominant chord inside or outside the key you are in. 


This package includes 20 full HD video’s of the licks played at full speed and slow.

 A backing track for playing the licks or creating new ones.

 1 pdf with all the lick tabbed and explained

 1 pdf with full analysis of the scale, useful tips, scale+arpeggio shapes plus applications.

 This pack is more than just 20 licks, it’s a course in Lydian dominant soloing and improvising.


The licks are really funky jazz with all the outside sounds any funk fusion aspiring player dreams about.

 The licks are intermediate to advancing and can be tricky to start with , but as soon as you get your head round the new shapes you’ll be a jazz king in no time, well perhaps not, but you’ll definitely get more girls , well maybe not that either, but you’ll definitely grow a beard alot easier.





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