More than just pure alternate or pure economy picking, The Yng Way is a systematic hybrid of string changing strategies, scale layout, pick orientation and consistency in the way picking lines are executed: a true method to the madness.  "Speed Strategies and Studies" uses high quality video demonstrations and detailed transcriptions in both PDF and Guitar Pro to help you understand every facet of the system, beginning with a 20 minute video on the "Yng Way" picking system and what it takes to emulate this iconic picking style, even down to details about pick grip and hand positioning. The guess work has been completely removed!


At the heart of the practical material are 24 study lines that bring together shifting and positional scale lines, sequencessingle string lines and string changing mechanics. And rather than stop there, the pack also includes a minor scale theory lesson, 6 guitar backing tracks, 13 development drills (video & TAB) for chop building, and a note-for-note transcription of the opening guitar soloTotal video running time is nearly 2 hours!


Getting your copy of Chris Brooks' new lesson course will put you on the fast track to understanding and mastering concepts that may take years to learn otherwise. It's your chance to study with a guitarist who has the playing experience and know-how to talk you through your system and demonstrate the results that are possible.


Level: Advanced (or aspiring to be!)
Prerequisite: Best results will come to those who have some scale and picking experience.


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This eagerly awaited and exiting new release from the Aussie shredder and exceeding tutor, Chris Brooks, has just been released and I got me a copy just minutes after it was uploaded on the site

This is a study in the maximum efficiency picking concepts of Yngwie malmsteen.

You don’t have to want to play neo shred to benefit from this download, but if you did, this would hyper vitalise your progress 100% straight from the outset.

Chris goes into great detail showing you the picking ways of Yngwie Johan Malmsteen, all in a way that is very easy to understand and immediately beneficial,  this even before even one example is practiced.

Below you will see the viewing order suggestions and for the money this download is heaps of value and one of the best picking download lessons I’ve personally come across.

The drills

After watching and absorbing the first intro and the Yng Way explained video, Chris shows 13 drills that outline the strategies explained in the previous video.

These make excellent practice drills and are super useful for getting to grips with techniques that Yngwie employs for his lightning fast scale runs and sequences.

The 24 sequences vids are the meat and potatoes that put this all info together, and they are juicy bits meats and steaming hot potatoes.

These are all taught with great attention to every detail and slowed right down for easy learning.

If that wasn’t enough the intro solo is also slowed down and tabbed for your learning pleasure and six cool backing tracks are provided.


Chris has a fantastic teaching method; stuff is explained very concise and easy to understand, making the task ahead less daunting and far more accessible.

This download is super useful for both advanced and new shredders, as well as anyone wanting to maximise picking efficiency and learning the ways of relaxed fast picking, in any style of modern guitar music today.

There are several download options available and even a feedback option, this one is where you can submit progress to Chris himself for tips and feedback on your technique.

Definitely add this download to your arsenal of tuition material to gain the most from today’s incredible and informative tuition downloads

Written by Mark Thompson –


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