Hybrid Picking: Licks & Lines

A musical approach to expanding your right-hand technique

Electric guitar players all learn how to use a pick — but when it comes to right-hand study, many stop there. Hybrid picking is a guitar technique that uses a combination of right-hand fingers and a pick at the same time. The result is a powerful ability to connect lines that jump across strings rapidly, in a way that would be too clunky with just a pick or too docile with only fingers.

This technique is often associated with country guitarists, but your teacher Fabian, being well-versed in fusion and rock music, will show you how to apply hybrid picking to new genres — and likely inspire you to try new melodic possibilities.

This course consists of 20 different hybrid licks, across varying degrees of difficulty, genres and keys. Each lick starts with a performance and is followed by a thorough explanation. Have a look at the free sample lesson below to get started.

You’ll get the most of this if you’re an intermediate-to-advanced player who’s familiar with basic arpeggio shapes and has fairly strong coordination between left and right hands. If you like the style of Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson, Joe Satriani, Tom Quayle, Slash or Guthrie Govan, then this course will be up your alley.

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