8 Blues Rhythm Studies

32 Videos (normal/slow tempo)

PDF Booklets with tech notes/analysis

Full tab/notation

4 Backing Tracks


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Blues Comping – Shuffle & Funk Workout –

Playing rhythm guitar is fun ! Yes ! And it’s also a very crucial topic cause we spend lot of time playing rhythm guitar to support vocals and others musician’s solos.

That’s why it’s important to develop solid rhythm skills, chord vocabulary, rhythm patterns and creative approaches when we play rhythm guitar and especially the classic 12 bar Blues progression.

In this course we gonna go through 8 rhythm guitar studies :

– 4 Classic Shuffle (Keys of G & A)
– 4 Funk Blues  (Keys of A & E)

Each of this Blues comes with a main performance video, 3 slowed down videos, pdf files with tab/notation/analysis and the backing tracks for you to practice and perfect your own ideas.

Everything you need to get inspired and take your rhythm guitar playing to the next level.

Let’s get started and be ready for your next jam session !
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