Frank Gambale – The definitive sweep-picking course.

The Thunder from Down Under

Frank needs no introduction and the thunder from down under has been the mainstay of sweep picking followers since the 90’s. 

Old School New school

Franks old VHS lessons covered a certain amount of Franks renowned sweeping technique. But now we can have this wealth of information in a modern format with much more in depth studying than the 1hr-20 mins video he was confined to before, with over 10-hrs of study this is definitely the ticket.

The media is mobile and tablet friendly so you can use the course anywhere you want to study it

Monthly sessions

I will take guitar addiction into progressive episodes every a month as I study them and show you guys what you get for your bucks

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4 Sections

As you can see in the pic, month 1 is separated into 4 titles with video’s for each section and a download page.

In each section Frank takes us through the fundamentals of sweep picking mechanics and how to apply them to various shapes melodic formats.


The downloads for this month are a host of GPX files (guitar pro tab) and regular PDF files corresponding to the lessons.


Backing Track – There is also a backing track to download for the practice session

Video one
This video is 25 minutes long and dedicated to 3 note per string scales of all kinds. Without giving to much away Frank show in depth how to approach these scales with his picking style and how each scale uses the same picking so you don’t have to learn lots of different right hand patterns.

You practice what you learn along with frank and not at stupid speeds

Video two

In this 33-minute video, Frank takes us through pentatonic 5 notes scale patterns.  He explains the easy way to play these 5 notes scales fast and how to extend for stretches without too much difficulty.

There a lot in this video that is very useful straight out of the box with lots of extending patterns

Video three

This video is devoted to the major and minor triad and takes us through sweeping these shapes over the neck

Franks teaches how to keep the notes separate and not to miss any as speed.

We get a small taster in harmonic approach to using major triads over other chords than the root

Frank then takes into a play along exercise session, playing the major and minor triad arpeggios over 6 strings in 3 positions in different subdivisions and how to roll the finger to play some triad shapes.


Video four

This section is dedicated to 4 note 7th arpeggios and is where I personally really started to learn new things about shapes.

Frank shows ways of visualising the major 7 shape over Fm to created extended harmony.

Frank also teaches 4 positions of the Major 7 arpeggio and 2 positions of the minor 7 over 6 strings.

There is some great info on allowing for changing direction and breaking the 6 strings shapes into 2 sections for learning.



For just month 1 this has been a real eye opener and I can’t wait to get stuck into the next one but I will need to practice hard I think.

I can’t recommend this more highly to those guys who are both basic players and advancing players, I’ve been playing a long time and got benefits from this already.

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