LEARN KONNAKOL – The south Indian language of rhythm - Henrik Andersen

In this article, I am taking a look at video 1 of 3 video lessons available here - http://www.henrikandersenwebshop.com/products/learn-konnakol

Video 1

The first video in the series take the student through some basic syllables of konnakol up to the subdivision  9 and how to keep tempo counting with the hand claps method.

Henrik teaches first how to count these divisions on the beat and subdividing each on into the beat in 8 bar lengths

Training programs

There is some great training programs he steps the student through and guides on how to make the most effective journey learning the information.

Training program 2 has a some great and unique resting and counting programs plus there is an extra section on 5’s and how to make the 5’s syllables last longer but I won’t give the secrets away here

Valuable rhythmic info


There is some valuable information and ways to subdivide beats bars and lengths of 32 bars with polyrhythmic joy is many ways accenting different groups. Well worth the investment in my book 


A word from Henrik

Rhythm is the most powerfull force in music. The fundament of time If you have timing – everything you play will sound great and full of energy My mission is to “dust off”  those 32, 24 & 16 sudivision in your “rhythmic center” And learn you how to count a beat!! With my Konnakol & tala exercises in this video.  A ancient magic deriving from south India. Once you get the idea and the bug, “it” will start to work on your brain  

I was blessed with really, really great teachers. I started learning Konnakol from Pete Lockett (UK) back in 1993 And in 1998 I also became a student of Trilok Gurtu (IN) a.o.. It was the great guitarist John McLaughlin who started it all : First of all by his music and when he told me to “go and find a konnakol teacher”.        

It is important to get  “the vibe” from a teacher at some point However, this video will def give you the basics, a clear fundament So you can be more creative using the techniques and the system or you can move on to the next level: Taking lessons with a real teacher or f.ex you can buy my 3 books “Shortcut To Nirvana” They are avaible in English, Spanish, French & Danish. 


Have Fun & don’t fake the thalum!  may the triplets be with you  Henrik Andersen  


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