Frank Gambale – The definitive sweep-picking course.

The Thunder from Down Under

Frank needs no introduction and the thunder from down under has been the mainstay of sweep picking followers since the 90’s. 

Old School New school

Franks old VHS lessons covered a certain amount of Franks renowned sweeping technique. But now we can have this wealth of information in a modern format with much more in depth studying than the 1hr-20 mins video he was confined to before, with over 10-hrs of study this is definitely the ticket.

The media is mobile and tablet friendly so you can use the course anywhere you want to study it

Monthly sessions

I will take guitar addiction into progressive episodes every a month as I study them and show you guys what you get for your bucks

Buy Now

If your already dying to get stuck in buy it here


Week 3

Frank takes us through playing passages with standard (not adapted 3nps) scale shapes using sweep picking motion.

There are 10 passages explained and they use a variety of keys and scale forms including pentatonic

As usual you can stream these via all devices and there are downloads available in pdf and guitar pro format

I liked this lesson and it surprised me as |I though frank was going to cover old ground from his old 90's vhs releases but he didn't .



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