Based in Suffolk, Alex Coombes has been working as a session musician and guitar teacher for several years now; yet his passion has always been for composing and recording original music in his professional studio nestled amongst the Suffolk countryside. Having been influenced at a young age through his musical family, Alex developed a broad interest in music which soon stretched from the likes of Rock and Metal, onto Jazz and onwards further still to Classical.




When aged 15 he discovered the iconic Passion and Warfare by Steve Vai, Alex was inspired to focus on his guitar playing with a real intensity. After gigging locally in a variety of bands, Alex decided to step away from the stage and instead pursued a solo studio project to push his talents to develop further once again. Writing, arranging, recording and producing his EP Hitori proved to be a worthwhile project, not only finishing the sessions with a new record, but also emerging with his talents raised to an entirely new level.




Handling all the responsibilities involved with creating Hitori allowed Alex to take total creative control, wishing to replicate the soundscapes of other artists such as 65DaysOfStatic, Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky. By avoiding the pitfalls of a traditional instrumental guitar record, Hitori plays with the texture and grain of sound while maintaining an emphasis upon the guitar as the desired tool to achieve this.



Alex is now looking to promote Hitori across as many platforms as possible, while also sharing his playing through gear demos, teaching and further original music to come. With this latest studio project concluded, it shall not be long until Alex returns to the stage once again to showcase his latest work live; both solo and as part of a new band to be revealed.




Track 1 - Hitori

Track 2 - Long Road home

Track 3 - When We Met

Track 4 - Fracture

Track 5 - Semihada

Track 6 - Enenra


Guitar Addiction Review

Great sonic spectrum of low end grunt guitars and smooth lead guitars mixed with ethereal and tapping sections.

Very melodic and relaxing vibe mixed with some real brutal yet tasteful metal, and a host of great technical soloing skills put into the tracks with taste and balance

Good production skills , nice use of guitar effects and textures .

All instruments and programming by Alex Coombes
Recorded, Mixed and produced by Alex Coombes
Mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds
Artwork by MakeNorth






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