This album is unique and like nothing I’ve ever heard, hypnotic and relaxing but also pretty surreal in parts to contrast.

The things that stood out to be were the instrumentation and arrangements.

The instrumentation is warm, real and very analogue with a great use of interesting and unique sounds, the warm synth, real strings and sax made the arrangements quite the journey into another world.

I had previously listen to a couple Patricks albums , Narmen and Lazurus Project , both were also unique to other music I’ve heard,  layers of experimental and fusion concepts and great use of harmony. 

This album is totally different yet kindred to them both. I love Patrick’s style and look forward to even more awesomeness in the future.


1.The Emerald Horizon

2.Shadow over Innsmouth

3.The Villi People 04:36 

4.The Backbone of Night 

5.Battle of the Area Six 

6.Setting a Course for Tomorrow 

7.All Good Things...


Megan Chandler - Double bass 

Michael Chisholm - French horn 

Martin Davidson - Tenor saxophone (tracks 1 and 3) 

Jon Epworth - Drums (tracks 2, 3, 4, and 6) 

Patrick Healy - Electric guitar, mandolin, synthesizers 

Warda Limaye - Viola 

Evan Mahaney - Tenor saxophone (track 4) 

Casey Thompson - Electric bass guitar (track 3) 

Jordan Tunney - Flugelhorn 

Charles Urich - Drums (tracks 1 and 2) 

Lee Wanner - Acoustic guitar 

Andrew Wiseman - Drums (track 5), percussion, electric guitar (track 2), electric bass guitar (track 5), synthesizer bass (tracks 4 and 6)


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