Here is an alternative approach to learning new scale shapes that works with all scales and modes in any key.

Instead of learn big 6 string shapes we can break them down into 2 string fragments and order them to make it more efficient and easier to learn the whole neck 

here is the method then explained fully and a glossary of fragments to learn.

Here is how we do it 

1 learn 1 shape

2 then learn the shape behind this shape on the same string set

3 Now stack the new shape you learned on top of the first one

4 Now learn the next shape behind the second one you learned,

5 then stack that on top of the first shape again allowing for the B-string shift up that occurs

Now in 5 steps you've not only learned 1 whole shape but half the one behind it and 3rd of the one behind that one


Lets try it with harmonic minor

1 learn the first shape 

Learn the shape behind it

Now stack those two shapes together

Now learn the shape behind the second shape you learned

Stack that on top too remembering the B-string shift

Now you only need to learn one more shape behind the last one you learned to know the whole scale behind the first one

Build you own

Below are the building blocks for all the shapes in major, harmonic and melodic minor. Instead of me putting the whole shapes down , build each of the 7 modal shapes using the method above



A Harmonic Minor

B Melodic minor -

This time I've done them on root 5 but its the same concept or you can just transpose these to the 6th string , its all relative 




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