I got to try a new download backing track album by Coffee Break Grooves today. 

These tracks are fun to play over with enough rhythmic variation to keep it interesting without being over complicated. Perfect to experiment over and really rich full sounding tracks with a live vibe.  


I particularly like the fact the have no guitar at all  to clutter the track with you playing over it too, so in essence you are both rhythm and lead guitar playing along with a great keyboardist like in a real band


Who are Coffee break Grooves? 

Since 2010 we have been seeing Coffee break grooves being shared on social networks like Facebook .  

We’ve seen various free tracks, jam vids and also cool lessons have popped over the news feeds with Coffee Break tags and links. 


 Free Backing Example From Blues Genre



 These Coffee break guys don’t just cater for guitarists either , they have drum and bass backing tracks plus a good reputation for smooth full band tracks, fantastic quality and great customer support.


Coffee Br Backings tend to lean on the smoother side of music leaving the metal and heavier styles to other backing track providers, this assures they focus on genres that suit their forte and keep their ever growing fan base happy with consistently great products..



Lets look at the page and fusion 2 that’s just been released.


When you go the their webpage www.coffeebreakgrooves.com you will find a really professional layout and easy track by track listening links, plus you can even just buy one track at a time if you wish.




There are a great selection of genres to choose from


Jazz fusion 2
This as an album comes with 8 really well produced tracks with excellent instrumentation, a variety of chordal inversions to keep things interesting, a full bodied deep rich bass.

The tracks have really great drums too, they are dynamic and rhythmically interesting to play along too 


Here are the track Titles


You are provided with chord charts for all the tracks and the keys are interesting to play over ,stretching your knowledge of the fretboard in a way that not over demanding without confusing key changes and long complex progressions. 


There are some modulations and rhythmic changes in the tracks but they are smooth and easy to comprehend. 


You can download the chord charts individually on the website, this is great so before buying the tracks you can see if they are what you want from your purchase 





I have played over these tracks and found them inspiring and interesting without being too fast of confusing. There changes are easy to follow and preceded by fills so you know when to move sections.


The tracks are excellent value for money and worthy the investment for jamming , writing and having fun with Youtube video jamming ect.

Here’s a couple of examples I liked 






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